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Guiding you through the QDRO process from start to finish.

The Qualified Domestic Relations Order process can be somewhat daunting. At Divorce Financial Solutions, we can help you negotiate and draft even the most complex divisions.

Contact DFS today to learn more about the steps in the QDRO process and how we can help your office become more efficient while lowering your liability.

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Step 1 - Understanding Your Intent

Divorce Financial Solutions has assisted in drafting tens of thousands of Orders for hundreds of different retirement plans that include corporate, government, military, and non-ERISA plans.

Upon receipt of a QDRO request, we will send an engagement letter outlining our understanding of your intent and requesting any additional information needed to move forward with the QDRO process.

Step 2 - Provide a Proposed Draft

Upon receipt of payment and any requested information, our office will provide the attorneys and the Plan Administrator with a proposed draft QDRO for review.

Step 3 - Obtain Pre-Approval

DFS communicates directly with the Plan Administrator throughout the drafting and pre-approval process. If necessary, we will make any requested changes to the draft to ensure the final draft meets the terms and conditions of the plan as well as the intent of the parties.

We do regular follow-ups to keep the QDRO process moving forward as quickly as possible throughout the entire QDRO process.

Step 4 - Provide the Final Draft

When we have secured pre-approval from all concerned parties, we will provide a final draft QDRO for signatures and certification by the court.

Step 5 - Deliver the Completed Order

Upon receipt of the signed and certified order, DFS will deliver the order to the Plan Administrator via certified mail to track and ensure delivery.

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