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Quickly becoming the standard of practice in Wisconsin, TaxCalc is used by the majority of Judges and Family Law Attorneys across the state. Used to quickly calculate child support and maintenance for a divorcing couple with features to help you maximize the income available for your client or the entire family. TaxCalc uses the latest tax rates and available credits to provide you with the most complete and accurate tax calculation of any tool available. For a fraction of the cost of other programs, you receive a more detailed, more accurate, more user friendly program to help you with everyday calculations.

* A user license is needed for each practicing attorney. Paralegals and staff may use the program under the attorney's license.

“TaxCalc is an essential tool for all family law attorneys and judges.”

Madison Attorney

“In today’s divorce practice, competent advocacy requires financial calculation technology, and TaxCalc is the best there is.”

Milwaukee Attorney

“I use it every day. I don’t know how I could practice without it”

Waukesha Attorney

TaxCalc is the best

Up to Date Tax Tables

Get accurate tax calculations with 2022 Tax Tables and Forms

Maximize Tool

Calculate all possible filing options with the touch of a button

Auto-updates Through Email

Receive an e-mail any time there are updates to the program

State Specific Child Support Calculations

Calculate the most complex child support calculation

Divorce Toolbox

Common tools like Property Spreadsheets and Buyout Calculators

Compare Scenarios

Side by side comparison of up to 5 scenarios

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