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Tired of the costly expert report when all you need is a number? You can now run your own calculation using our new DFS Pension Calculator. You can run a single calculation, or purchase a subscription to run as many as you want. With our pension calculator you don’t have to spend the time or money to get that expert report, when all you are looking for is an idea of the value. Not sure there is enough assets to buyout? Use our calculator to find out. Will the expert report come back with a value of $30,000 or $300,000? Now you have the ability to find out. Are you simply dividing the pension in half without place a value on it? A Wisconsin Court of Appeals case, Wettstaedt v. Wettstaedt, suggests you may still want to include the present value. "When an employee-spouse’s pension is divided by QDRO, and no value is assigned to either spouse’s interest to be offset by other property awarded in the property division, a family court is not prohibited by the “double-counting” rule from considering pension distributions in determining maintenance."

Pension Calculator Features

Advanced Calculations

Allows inputs for COLA and Temporary Supplemental benefits

Printable Report

Receive a clean one page report for each calculation

12 Month Subscription

Run unlimited calculations for 12 month period

Estimate of Value

Get a quick estimate of the value without the need for expert report

Analyze Assumptions

Look at the value change as you adjust key assumptions

Web Application

No download needed. Launch the calculator and go

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