Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)

Negotiating and drafting even the most complex QDRO.


notepadDFS has assisted in drafting tens of thousands of QDROs for hundreds of different retirement plans across the country. Our qualified and experienced staff can help you negotiate and draft even the most complex divisions or handle the most difficult plans.

Our QDRO team of professionals has a combined 50 years of experience drafting QDROs.  We are one of very few companies in the nation to have professional liability insurance to cover the drafting of QDROs.

Our QDRO process keeps attorneys continually informed and reduces the time and cost associated with preparing a QDRO. The knowledge, experience and efficiencies we have developed over 30 years of providing QDROs to attorneys allow us to offer these services for a reasonable flat fee. Please contact our office or see our fee schedule on this page.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
(QDRO) Fees

Defined Benefit Plan $700
Defined Contribution Plan $600
Military Plan $700
Church/Railroad Plan $700
CSRS/FERS Government Orders $700
QDRO prepared by another individual
(One-hour minimum)

Domestic Relations Order Fees

Non-ERISA Plans

Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRA)



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