Determining Pension Value

Trust the Experts at Determining Pension Value.

Don’t be pushed in negotiating property agreements under pressure and without adequate information about the parties’ pension plans! If you are a divorce attorney or mediator who needs to determine a pension value, Divorce Financial Solutions can help.

We have qualified professionals who possess the knowledge and expertise you need in determining the present and/or marital value of a Defined Benefit Plan including Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS), City & County of Milwaukee Pension Plans, Military, and FERS.

Contact our office today to request a Pension Valuation...Our experts can have the valuation completed within 2-3 business days!

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Our Pension Valuation Services:

Actuarial Pension Valuation – $200

Collaborative/Cooperative Pension Valuation – $250

Wisconsin Retirement System Pension Valuation – $250

Expert Witness Testimony Services – Hourly Rate $250

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